Heat Press Machine

  • T Shirt Heat Press Machine

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    T Shirt Heat Press Machine

    Special open-and-close heating plate design keeps the heat plate and bottom plate totally cover;
    it ensure the even pressure and temperature.
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  • Digital Swing Away Heat Press

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    Digital Swing Away Heat Press

    Digital swing away heat press use swing away design
    the top plate could swing 180 degree
    compared to clamshell design, this model is more easy to feeding the material, such as t shirt.
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  • Sublimation Heating Press

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    Sublimation Heating Press

    Sublimation Heating Press Machine is cheapest and low power heat press machine.There have regular size:38x38,40x50,40x60cm.If you need customized size,we accepted the OEM/ODM order.Read More

  • Heat Presstransfer

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    Heat Presstransfer

    Heat Presstransfer machinecan adjusting heated upper plate adopted a centibar to ensure the upper plate and lower plate matching for better hot stamping effect.Read More

  • Hot Press Machine Tshirt

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    Hot Press Machine Tshirt

    Hot Press Machine Tshirt adopted lever pressure and enhanced pressure design, not only make the pressure adjustment easier, but also make the operation more simple and convenient, saving time and effort.Read More

  • Heat Press Machine For Tshirt

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    Heat Press Machine For Tshirt

    It can produce more pressure depends on its special design, which is suitable for continuous production of normal heat transfer American heat transfer T-shirt and other products, economical and practical.Read More

  • Press Heat Machine

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    Press Heat Machine

    Press Heat Machine that it is applicable for garment factory, printing mill and so on,designed with level pressure,pressure calibration gauge is set at the front part, convenient for operation,designed especially for imported foaming pyrographs for high pressure requirementRead More

  • Press Machine Heat

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    Press Machine Heat

    Press Machine Heat that it's upper heating board will rising up manually when it reaches the time the alarm was set, alarming at the same time, so it is more convenient for transferring.Read More

  • Shirt Sublimation Machine

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    Shirt Sublimation Machine

    This T-shirt heat press machine can transfer colorful pictures and characters of sublimating and dissolved printing ink onto ceramics,glasses and textiles such as cotton,flax,chemical fiber, nylon, ect. The machine can also conduct some heat treatments such as hair-planting print, vesicant print and conglutination of cloth lining and cloth...Read More

  • Auto Clam Heat Press Machine

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    Auto Clam Heat Press Machine

    A clam shell heat press machine for tshirt is the machine that presses a transfer onto an imprintable substrate. Using high temperatures and pressures for a certain amount of time, the transfer is permanently embedded into the product.Read More

  • 40x50 Heat Press Transfer Machine

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    40x50 Heat Press Transfer Machine

    40x50 Heat Press Transfer Machine is manual heat press machine so that easy to opera the machine and the price is better than automatic heat press machine.If you need other sizes or type of sublimation machine,we also can accepted the customized machine.Read More

  • Tshirt Press

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    Tshirt Press

    Tshirt Press Machine adopted unique design, lower price, factory directly and we can provide custom service for you.Read More

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