Heat Press Machine

  • T Shirt Heat Press Machine

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    T Shirt Heat Press Machine

    Special open-and-close heating plate design keeps the heat plate and bottom plate totally cover;
    it ensure the even pressure and temperature.
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  • Digital Swing Away Heat Press

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    Digital Swing Away Heat Press

    Digital swing away heat press use swing away design
    the top plate could swing 180 degree
    compared to clamshell design, this model is more easy to feeding the material, such as t shirt.
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  • Heat Press Machine Type

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    Heat Press Machine Type

    Heat Press Machine Type that it is applicable for garment factory, printing mill and so on,designed with level pressure,pressure calibration gauge is set at the front part, convenient for operation,designed especially for imported foaming pyrographs for high pressure requirement.Read More

  • Hot Press Machine T-shirt

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    Hot Press Machine T-shirt

    The unique pull-out drawer bottom base allows for easy placement of the products (garments, tiles, ceiling ect.) and more accurate positioning.Not only operate conveniently but also improve the efficiency by using magnetic pull function and enhanced pressure designRead More

  • Power Heat Press

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    Power Heat Press

    Power Heat Press time are wholly controlled by electronic; Label t shirt Printer One Side The surface of heating plate car bear high temperature; smooth surface and high strength; fine heat pressing effect, and easy to clean Spiral pressure design can adjust to the required working pressure randomly. The surface of bottom plate will be set with...Read More

  • Press Transfer Machine

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    Press Transfer Machine

    Magnetic Press Transfer Machine is a new design machine engineered to imprint a design or graphic on a substrate, such as a t-shirt, with the application of heat and pressure for a preset period of time and heating plate can auto open fullyRead More

  • T-shirt Sublimation Print Machines

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    T-shirt Sublimation Print Machines

    New design auto open t-shirt sublimation print machine is good for transfering cloth, banner,T-shirt, Puzzle, Mouse Pad, Bag, Cushion etc.Read More

  • Custom Transfer T Shirt Machine

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    Custom Transfer T Shirt Machine

    This Custom Transfer T Shirt Machine can be used for transfering to almost all types of fabric(such as polyester,velvet, lycra and so on)jigsaw puzzles,mouse pads etc.Temperature and timer and be adjusted according to the type of heat press and materials which be pressed.Read More

  • Thermal Press

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    Thermal Press

    JC-5B-2 Thermal Press Machine adopts electronic absorption magnetic control, the heat plate will open automatic when time ready.It is very easy operating , labor-saving, efficient transfer .Read More

  • Soccer Jerseys Sublimation Machine

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    Soccer Jerseys Sublimation Machine

    Soccer Jerseys Sublimation Machine that the exclusive 3 Temperature Zone is responsible for granting maximum quality to your prints. Fitted with 3 power-supply spots, it perplatens an even distribution of the heat to the entire useful area of the thermal platen without wasting the process power, maintaining color consistency and low costs.Read More

  • Heat Press Machine 16x20

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    Heat Press Machine 16x20

    JC-5B-2 Heat Press Machine 16x20 adopt magnetic auto open control,JC-5B-2 of transfer effect and pressure more than JC-5B model better.Read More

  • Manual Hand Press T-shirt

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    Manual Hand Press T-shirt

    JC-5B-2 Manual Hand Press T-shirt machine is a new design model with magnetic induction function. Solid steel framework & stainless steel hardwares . The size can be customized.Read More

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