Sublimation Press Machine

Fully automatic operation mode,heat plate could press and release automatic
double shuttle station and could automatic change from one station to other station
the heat area is 80x100 cm



Sublimation Press Machine


Technical Parameters

Machine Type Fully automatic machine
Size of supported platens 80x100cm  31 "x39 "
Rated power 11KW    
Packing size(L*W*H)  175×122×178cm
Gross Weight 510KG
Time Range 0-999S
Temp.Range 0-399℃
Voltage 220/380V
Package Wooden case



1. Pneumatic drive: need to connect the air compressor to drive the machine work.

2. It can print fabrics, t-shirts,soccer jersey,textile etc.

3. There are 4 screws under the bottom board to make the touch between bottom and heating plate tighter and heavier.

4. There is a silicone pad under the working table when heating plate press. It works for cushioning.

5. Two work table take turns to work in and out, saving space and improving efficiency.

6. Printed surface is the Teflon material, the printing process should pad felt.


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