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What do I need to start a sublimation printing business ?
Oct 27, 2017

● Sublimation Ink Compatible Printer- recommended  high qualtity sublimation printers

● Sublimation Paper- recommended T100 GSM sublimation paper.

● Sublimation Inkavailable in cartridges, bulk bags and bottles.

● Heat resistant tape if you are doing mugs, tiles, or caps, to keep your image from moving during the transfer process.

● Sublimatable Items - products that are compatible with sublimation.

● note:not all mugs, tiles, t-shirts, and other imprintable items, are sublimation compatible

● Heat press  for bonding the image to the item. If you are doing mugs or caps, you need a mug or cap press

● An ICC Profile compatible program, such as Photoshop, or CorelDraw. (Currently, the ICC Profiles cannot be managed in any other programs.)

● ICC Color Correction Profile  to ensure that your colors come out perfect.

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