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Do you know the transfer printing and operation?
Nov 21, 2018

What is the transfer printing?

The transfer printing is to first print the dye color on the transfer printing paper, and then transfer the dye in the pattern to the textile by heat treatment during transfer printing, and fix the pattern. 

How to operate about the transfer printing?

At present, more transfer printing methods are used for dry transfer on synthetic fiber fabrics using disperse dyes. 

In this method, a disperse dye and a solvent such as a paste, an alcohol, and a benzene are mixed with a resin to prepare an ink, and the ink is printed on a tough paper to form a transfer paper. 

In the printing, the patterned side of the transfer paper is overlapped with the fabric, and after high temperature hot pressing for about 1 min, the disperse dye sublimes into a gaseous state and is transferred from the paper to the fabric. After the printing, it does not need to be washed, so that no sewage is generated, and the effect of bright colors, distinct layers, and delicate flower shape can be obtained. However, the existing ecological problems require a large amount of transfer paper in addition to the dyes and auxiliaries in the color paste, and these transfer papers are difficult to recycle after printing. 

The transfer printing has the best effect on the pure polyester fabric. The cotton fiber is not colored by the disperse dye on the polyester-cotton blend fabric. The color is lighter than the pure polyester fabric, and the large flower shape and the "snow" (white) phenomenon. 

Pure nylon fabric can also transfer printing, but the color yield is lower and the wet processing fastness is poor. The transfer paper consumed by the transfer printing method is twice the length of the fabric. It is difficult to recycle the waste paper and the residual dye after printing, and it is difficult to print the dark color. Therefore, it is mostly applied to partial fabrics such as textured silk fabrics and knitted fabrics for partial printing, and some Decorative prints.

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