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How much do you know about printing?
Nov 26, 2018

Enterprises in the custom-made work clothes will require printing or printing, especially the logo of the company will be printed, this must also be done. The logo on the overalls represents the enterprise, has the iconic character of the enterprise, and improves the image of the enterprise. 

But how is the print or print on the overalls printed? What should I pay attention to during the process? 

How to choose the work clothes that satisfy the employees for the company? Let's get to know each other with the clothing Booth clothing.


Regardless of whether it is printed on work clothes or on clothing that is usually worn, it is considered whether the paint or color paste is toxic and has no irritation to the skin. 

Color paste is a raw material that uses pure oil as an adhesive, and is a semi-product obtained by dispersing a pigment or a filler in a paint. 

The filler slurry prepared by adding surfactant to water as medium is called water-based color paste. The water-based color paste is mainly used for coloring, and the application field is also very broad. The main service target is coating industry, such as printing, prevention, leather etc. resin paint as a binder called resin paste. There are many types of color pastes and paints, depending on how you choose them, and in order to make the pigments better dispersed in the paint, a small amount of zinc naphthenate and surfactants are added during the manufacturing process.

Of course, the logo on the clothing is not just this kind of craft, there are many other crafts.

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