Rotary Heat Transfer Machine

  • Rotary Heat Press For Sale

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    Rotary Heat Press For Sale

    Rotary Heat Press Machine is adopted nomex imported from DuPont and it's flame retardence, thermal stability, electrical insulation – no burning, no deformation, no electric shock.Besides,it's cheap and suitable for low production.Read More

  • Roll Heat Press Sublimation

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    Roll Heat Press Sublimation

    Roll Heat Press Sublimation machine are the perfect solution for small businesses, include heat transfer papers. This simple machine can make transferring your images to T-shirts, jeans, pillow cases, jigsaw puzzles, mouse pads, ceramic tiles etc any flat surface.Read More

  • Heat Transfer Rotary

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    Heat Transfer Rotary

    Heat Transfer Rotary Machine adopted the most advanced technology and imported units arew adopted by machine controlling system with automatic positioning , accuracy together with security ,electronic constant temperature controlling wtih high accuracy, long service life and other featuresRead More

  • Rotary Heat Press Machine

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    Rotary Heat Press Machine

    There is external tank connected to the oil drum to fill the oil drum full. Full oil drum improves the stability of oil drum temperature. It makes sure that density of color is the same throughout the large format fabric.Read More

  • Sublimation Rotary Heat Press

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    Sublimation Rotary Heat Press

    Sublimation Rotary Heat Press Machine with safe, durable, quantity of heat distribute uniformity performance.Read More

  • Calander Sublimation Machine

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    Calander Sublimation Machine

    Calander Sublimation Machine is low power and save space.Besides,the size of machine is 47.2 X 8.3inch,if you need other sizes or color,our factory can accepted the OEM/ODM order.Read More

  • Roller Dye Sublimation Machine

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    Roller Dye Sublimation Machine

    Roller Dye Sublimation Machine can let the blanket to be automatic correction,ensure the normal orbit,make the efficiency of heat transfer enhancement and the transfer quality guaranteed..It adopts advanced oil-warming technology and liquid circular heat conduction, with even heating and   high thermal conductivityRead More

  • Calandra Sublimado

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    Calandra Sublimado

    Calandra Sublimado that it is applied for flag, clothing, curtain, tent, bedding, cushion, umbrella, belt, non-woven fabrics and other personalized product.Read More

  • Calandra

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    Calandra adopted automatically shut down function provides for saving labor and time to wait for the machine cools down to close it and can avoid the blanket to burn out.Read More

  • Calendar Sublimation Machine

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    Calendar Sublimation Machine

    Calendar Sublimation Machine adopted high quality configuration and this type of roller heat press machine acceptable the customized sizes.Read More

  • Roller Fabric Heat Press

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    Roller Fabric Heat Press

    Roller Fabric Heat Press Machine that is one of our most durable heat press machine with affordable price and years of trouble free performance. Full digital time and temperature control.Read More

  • Calandra Sublimation Machine

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    Calandra Sublimation Machine

    Calandra Sublimation Machine that it is applied for flag, clothing, curtain, tent, bedding, cushion, umbrella, belt, non-woven fabrics and other personalized product.Read More

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