Large Format Heat Press Machine

  • Flatbed Heat Press

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    Flatbed Heat Press

    The machine can be used for sublimation type, solvent type ink color pictures and fonts by the heat transfer to print on linen, velvet-oriented material, and may also be used for sublimation printing workmanship, economical and practicalRead More

  • Vinyl Heat Press Machine

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    Vinyl Heat Press Machine

    The JC-7A Vinyl Heat Press Machine is personalized Custom T Shirt Printing Machine mainly printing uniform, t shirt, soccer jersey.Read More

  • Jersey Sublimation Press Machines

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    Jersey Sublimation Press Machines

    The model JC-8B-1 t shirt heat transfer print machine is easy to handle printing machine of a compact fame. JC-8B-1 is an automatic machine fitted with two trays.And it have three regular useful area of 80x100cm(31"x39"),100x120cm(39"x47") , 120x150cm(47"x59")Read More

  • Thermal Transfer Printing Machine

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    Thermal Transfer Printing Machine

    The Thermal Transfer Printing Machine is attractive appearance, plastic spraying, standard export packing, high efficiency, two working tables,push and pull, Can prepare for next procedures at the same time. And heating platens can be automatically moving you just need to set up time.Read More

  • Heat Pressing Machine

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    Heat Pressing Machine

    The heat pressing machine thatthe process is controlled by digital and uses signal indication and the thermal energy distribute averagelyRead More

  • Thermal Press 100x120cm Sublimation

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    Thermal Press 100x120cm Sublimation

    Thermal Press 100x120cm Sublimation Machine is lower noise and higher pressure and better heat press effect.Besides,the No.32 hydraulic oil can be used for almost two years amd can be replacedRead More

  • Automatic Heat Press Machine

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    Automatic Heat Press Machine

    The JC-8B-2 dye sublimation heat press machine is a automatic machine with two trays Indicated for sublimation operations. While one piece is being pressed, the operator can prepare the next one, thus yielding a higher production speed.Read More

  • Used T-shirt Printing Machine

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    Used T-shirt Printing Machine

    This heat press enables you to multi-tash while helping to avoid over-application and ruined garments. The front part of heat platen hit the bottom plate first when it is press down, the pressure is more even, with excellent transfer images.Read More

  • Soccer Jersey Printing Machine

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    Soccer Jersey Printing Machine

    The large format pneumatic heat press machine answers the demand for a more stable, solid work base along with the capability of pressing transfers in an oversized large-area environment.Typical applications include heat transfer printing onto fabrics such as banners & garments,jersey, thicker materials such as carpets & matsRead More

  • Jersey Sublimation Print Machines

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    Jersey Sublimation Print Machines

    Dual-side pull type work bench saves labor and provides high printing speed and automatic control, even and stable pressure (pressure up to 8KG/CM²).Read More

  • Pneumatic Sublimation Machines For Printing Clothes

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    Pneumatic Sublimation Machines For Printing Clothes

    Pneumatic Sublimation Machines For Printing Clothes adopt pneumatic system,double workable,digital control panel,it is suitable for all kinds of sublimation fabric,including cotton content is less than 30%.Read More

  • Heat Press 40x50

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    Heat Press 40x50

    The heat press machine 40X50 has double working position, more efficient and it’s adopt safe protection unit.Besides,it is pneumatic system to ensure the transfer effect of sublimation colorful fabricRead More

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