Large Format Heat Press Machine

  • Shirt Printing Machine

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    Shirt Printing Machine

    The Shirt Printing Machine is suitable for sublimation productions.Specially treated working table is suitable for printing products for sublimating,heat transfer printing and gilding.Read More

  • Tshirt Printing Machine

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    Tshirt Printing Machine

    This t shirt heat press machine adopt hydraulic system to ensure transfer effect of cloths and the pressure can reach 30kg/cm2,so it also can print shoes,sportswear,glass etc.Read More

  • Transfer Printing Machine Heat Press

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    Transfer Printing Machine Heat Press

    Two worktable work by turn to improve efficiency high-temperature resistant silicon, soft, non-harden; Pressure adjustable, easily and conveniently; Digital Time & Temperature Controls Two modes - one for contact and the second for pressure Structure is more reasonable and durableRead More

  • Heat Press 40x60

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    Heat Press 40x60

    This heat press machine 40x60 adopt double worktable and the heating plate of the machine can parallel running around, thoroughly solved the problem of transfer printing shift position, long time heating not deformation, improved the quality of the heat transfer printing, eliminated the adverse.Read More

  • Jersey Printing Machine

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    Jersey Printing Machine

    The heat Press Machine features digital temperature and timing controls for standard easy adjustments and a soft mesh heating element for full warps on even inconsistent surfaces.Read More

  • T-shirt Printing Machine

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    T-shirt Printing Machine

    The swing away heat press machine is designed to move the heating platen away from the bottom platen between presses and it is convenient to prepare the fabric with a full view designRead More

  • Cheap Used T Shirt Heat Press Machine

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    Cheap Used T Shirt Heat Press Machine

    This hydraulic double sides heat press machine is applicable to all kinds of clothing, home textiles, handbags, umbrellas, straw mats, shoes and hats, crafts, gifts, toys.Read More

  • Heat Press Machin 80x100

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    Heat Press Machin 80x100

    Heating panel is made of aluminum alloy cast with heating tube and offers high heating rate temperature can reach 200 in 30 minutes,other features include even temperature,heat preservation and power savingRead More

  • Big Size Heat Press Machine

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    Big Size Heat Press Machine

    The machine can be used for sublimation type, solvent type ink color pictures and fonts by the heat transfer to print on linen, velvet-oriented material, and may also be used for tablecloth,jersey printing workmanship, economical and practical.Read More

  • Transfer Printing Machines

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    Transfer Printing Machines

    Large transfer area can satisfy the requirement on printing large-sized ad displaying boards and sheet-shape pictures.Read More

  • 40x60 cm Hydraulic Heat Press Machine

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    40x60 cm Hydraulic Heat Press Machine

    Electronic digital thermostat temperature control, high accuracy (±2°C)and it adopts imported thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy casting principle, power, temperature uniformity, temperature coefficient is small.Read More

  • 70X90 T Shirt Heat Press Machine

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    70X90 T Shirt Heat Press Machine

    1.Electronic time control, process shows signal after the completion of instructions. 2.Pressure temperature and time are adjustable. 3.It employs the technology of line slide track and characterizes in heat plate move,non-move chasis,good stamping & stable position.Read More

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