Large Format Heat Press Machine

  • Heat Press Machine Thailand

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    Heat Press Machine Thailand

    Heat Press Machine Thailand that it adopts imported thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy casting principle, SAVE power, temperature uniformity, temperature coefficient is small.Read More

  • Heat Press Machine Double Station

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    Heat Press Machine Double Station

    Heat Press Machine Double Station adopted the heat platens use advanced heater technology, a system of embedded heater windings that wind tightly and closely together throughout the entire platen for extremely even heat, fast recovery & fast heat up times.Read More

  • Large Format Heatpress

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    Large Format Heatpress

    Large Format Heatpress machine that it is designed for high productivity with materials ranging from T-shirts to hard ceramic tiles.The perfectly balanced platens can move from side to side easly.The head automatically raises at the end of the pre-set dwell time.Read More

  • Double Heat Press Machine

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    Double Heat Press Machine

    Double Heat Press Machine adopted two working plates design.No worker fatigue and fast printing , save your time suitable for factory mass production and the shops sell.Read More

  • Best Large Heatpress

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    Best Large Heatpress

    Best Large Heatpress machine is our new type of pneumatic heat press machihne. With pneumatic power, the hot-stamping machine can save labor and time and provide operation convenience.Read More

  • Heat Press 100x120

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    Heat Press 100x120

    Heat Press 100x120 machine adopted duoble pneumatic cylinder.This pneumatic heat press have high pressure to ensure the transfer effect.Read More

  • Heat Press Machine Double Plate

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    Heat Press Machine Double Plate

    Heat Press Machine Double Plate adopted hydraulic device and the pressure of hydraulic machine is much more than the pnuematic machine.You have to inflate the pnuematic machine by air compressor after you use it a few times, but the hydraulic oil of pnuematic machine can be used for a long time.Read More

  • Large Heat Press Sublimation Machine

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    Large Heat Press Sublimation Machine

    Not only operate conveniently but also improve the efficiency by using magnetic pull function and enhanced pressure design.Automatic handle release when the time has expired.Slide-out bottom plate for safeRead More

  • Hydraulic 100x120

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    Hydraulic 100x120

    The JC-8A-2 Hydraulic 100x120 is a Semi automatic machine with two trays, and has a useful area of 80x100cm (31"x39"),100x120cm (39"x47"),120x150cm (47"x59"). Indicated for sublimation operations. While one piece is being pressed, the operator can prepare the next one, thus yielding a higher production speed.Read More

  • Pneumatic Press For Sublimation

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    Pneumatic Press For Sublimation

    Free to adjust the pressure,widely used in the factory assembly line operation.Two optional running modes for work bench manual and automatic.Read More

  • Heat Press Machine 100x120

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    Heat Press Machine 100x120

    Heat Press Machine 100x120 that printing area is large format and get CE certificate,1year warranty.This heat press machine is engineered to imprint a design or graphic on a substrate, such as a t-shirt, bed sheet, curtain etc. with the application of heat and pressure for a preset period of time.Read More

  • T Shirt Big Heating Machine

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    T Shirt Big Heating Machine

    This is T Shirt Big Heating Machine is adopted pneumatic device and easy to press down the heating plate,If you need special sizes ,we are factory that can acceptable the customized.Read More

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